Luxury Design and Bespoke by Olivia Van Der Horst

Olivia Van Der Horst create luxury dresses and outfits to match your style and specifications.

We have helped create dress items for every kind of event, from winter galas to May Balls, from their special prom night to your own special night at the opera! We’ve even helped a few clients turn heads as they walk down the red carpet. Let us help you to achieve your perfect look for your next big occasion.

Dress designed & made by Olivia
Bespoke mother of the bride dress by Olivia

Whether your goal is a knockout head-turner, an enchanted princess gown, or an executive powerplay, our team is available to help you to turn your dream look into a reality. We combine some tried-and-tested wisdom with the latest trends and fabrics to craft you something as classic and refined, or as fashion-forward and bold, as you like.

No matter your size or shape we can design you a look and fit that helps you to feel proud and confident – how much you show yourself off after is entirely up to you. While any piece can be custom made for that one particular big night, we’ve been told many dresses are worn lovingly time and time again.

Please feel free to ask us any questions or book yourself in for an initial consultation – we are very friendly!

It comes down to wanting to make something that they feel truly confident to wear – that way, you know they will be completely free to feel as amazing as I know they look. Sometimes clients don’t always know how to set their expectations when the high street has done nothing but let them down… But so far, everyone has always been very excited when they tell me how it all went, and I love imagining them strutting their stuff!


The Process

Each new item starts with an initial friendly consultation where we do a process walkthrough and answer your questions. We do our best getting all of your ideas out of your head, learning about any particular events or themes you will be attending, and then allowing our own creative decisions to start filling in the rest.

We then move forward with various rounds of design reviews and early fittings until you feel happy with the creative direction. The item then gets made in earnest by one of our highly experienced dressmakers and prepared for collection with a final fitting.

The process will take a minimum of eight weeks, often longer, plus a few fitting sessions – unfortunately there is no part of the process that can be rushed, but the wait is always worth it. Each bespoke item is priced independently and will depend on factors such as materials used, complexity of design, and some of your special requests.

Prices typically start from £1000.

Two young ladies wearing bespoke olivia van der horst dresses on the ellen talk show
Bespoke special occasion dresses by Olivia

We made some dresses for Sophia Grace and Rosie for their appearance on The Ellen Show! Take a look at some of our other favourites in the gallery.

Why Choose Olivia Van Der Horst?

  • Make the time to deliver a high level customer experience
  • A relaxed environment (incl. LGBT friendly), and will happily answer all of your questions
  • Wealth of knowledge and years of experience
  • An open and honest attitude
  • Handle anything from a Wedding Dress, to mother of the bride, to a Prom Dress!
Bespoke bridesmaids dresses


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